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MinEx - ExMin - Experience to assess & identify genuine, viable project options in Mozambique for an investor, in the fastest possible time

Exmin Associados has been in existence since 2008 and is a registered, Mozambican majority held Limited Company.  The company has performed consultancy work in general exploration project assessment, mining project assessment, Geophysics and mineral lease assessment for acquisition purposes.  Click here for details and History of ExMin Associados.

During the course of its activities in Mozambique it was realised that the opportunities in the country rank among the best in the world.  It was decided to set up a substantial office in Matola, near Maputo at the end of 2011.  ExMin is based in Matola, just outside the capital, Maputo, within easy reach of Johannesburg, and focussed ONLY on the development of the minerals sector in Mozambique.  

ExMin have an excellent knowledge of the Ministry of Mineral Resource and their capabilities, cadastre systems and data resources.  Any lease information can be obtained through ExMin, whereas other entities, even license holders find this information difficult or impossible to access.

A Due Diligence Study is the process of considering all the factors surrounding a project, to identify methods and developing a potential cash flow prognosis for developing it into a viable mining reality. 

Initial Due diligence is usually carried out with minimal funding and is sometimes called a 'Fatal Flaw Study'.  This study identifies any factors that may preclude the project from being viable economically, politically or environmentally.  MinEx Associates understand this type of work and are, through experience, supersensitive to the issues involved with investigating Mozambican projects.  Project study work usually involves performing the following series of steps which ExMin are usually able to complete within one month.  In this work it is essential that the client present all the facts about the project.

    *1 - Check the legal, logistic, personnel and accountancy parameters to clarify steps to legal standing and profitability.

     2 - Check the existence of the resource and determine cost to develop the project to the next stage.

     3 - Establish a rapport and understand information from Mozambique joint venture partners, Government Mineral Resources & Mining Officials, local landowners and existing employees and other miners.

     4 - Investigate all other available targets in the region to determine if a better one is available before committing resources to an inferior site.

     5 - Establish a clear plan for expenditure to quantify and develop the project (if viable).

MinEx have vast experience at project assessment to assist you to make an informed, statistically sensible decision.

By a due diligence or fatal flaw study MinEx helps the prospective investor to evaluate the overall business risk involved.  We have frequently seen investment on a significant scale when the resource is completely unviable or other factors make exploitation impossible.